S. No Project Description Input Output Volume
1 Manual Data Entry PDF to Word. Scanned Images File MS-Word File 130,000 Pages
2 OCR Data Entry from Printed Books. Printed Books MS-Word File 2,500,050 Pages
3 Entering Company Name, Address, Tel, Fax, e-Mail and Web address into MS-Excel.  JPEG Image File MS-Excel File 745,000 Records
4 6 field records converted from Hard copy into a MS Access database. Hard Copy MS-Access database 500,150 Records
5 Scanning the products books given by Customer and then converting it into MS Excel also JPEG images of Products in color. Hard Copy MS-Excel File; JPEG Files 2,500,000 Records
6 XML Coding from editable format. Note Pad XML File 585,000 Pages
7 Online Data Entry of around 18 fields into client's application from word doc attached to e-Mail from outlooks express.  MS-Word doc though Email Online data Entry into client's application. 15,00 CVs
8 Web search and data Entry into MS excel of around 13 fields.  Website MS-excel File 752,000 Records
9 Product and Company Search, Mailing List- Name of Company, Address Contact No, e-Mail, URL search.  Website MS-Excel File 78,000 Records
10 Manual Data Entry from Hard Copy to MS Word. Hard Copy MS-Word 2,501,100 Pages
11 Online Data Entry of 18 fields into client's application from MS Word.  MS-Word doc though Email Client's customized application. 150,000 CVs
12 Image Scanning from Hard Copy Converting to Searchable PDF using OCR software Hard Copy Vector or Searchable PDF format 2,250,162 Pages
13 Web Search and Data Entry in MS-Excel Contact folder Website MS-Excel Files 100,550 Records
14 Data Entry for Mailing List into MS-Excel Doc file MS-Excel File 1,281,000 Records
15 Web Search and Data Entry into MS-Excel Website MS-Excel File 80,58,000 Records
16 Data Entry of around 12 fields entry from forms into MS Access  Printed forms MS-Access database 720,000 Records
17 Web search and Data Entry into MS-Excel of around 15 fields Website MS-Excel File 2,000,000 Records
18 Web Search and Submission of Email and Evens into client online system. Web Search Parameters Into Client's Online System 7,840,457 e-Mails
19 Web search and data Entry into MS-Excel Web Search Parameters MS-Excel File 750,000 Records
20 Data Entry for combine the 6 Excel files into 1 Master file for all the columns to be aligned, also to eliminate duplicate records MS-Excel Files MS-Excel File 1,975,000 Records
21 Manual Data Entry from Books to electronic format and indexing and hyperlink of the title of books Hard Copy Searchable PDF format 1,760,000 Pages
22 Data entry/ Copy and Paste into MS Excel Total 8 Fields like Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Tel. No., e-Mail, Description From website. Website MS-Excel File 123,740,000 Records
23 Data Entry of total 7 fields Date, Item Number, Description, U/M, Order Quant, Net Price, Extended Price from PDF file convert in to MS-Excel. PDF File MS-Excel File 15,239,000 Records
24 Data Entry for web search and save Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Dear, Address, Address 2, Address 3, City, County/State, Zip Code, Phone No., Fax, Email, Website, Symbol from web site in to MS Excel sheet. Website MS-Excel File 5,250,000 Records
25 Data Entry for Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, City, County/State, Zip Code, Phone No., Fax, e-Mail, from Images to MS Excel sheet. Image File MS-Excel File 29,000 Records
26 Data Entry of total 7 fields Company Name, Street, Zip and City, Country, Telephone, Fax, e-mail. Internet, Established year, Industrial Categories, Management and Profile from Provide by you Quark Software data enter in to your online systems. Website Into Client's Online System 2,090,000 Records
27 Conversion of Hard Copy Data into XML format. Hard Copy Scanning in 300Dpi and OCR Conversion and XML Coding Hard Copy XML Format 66,000 Pages
28 Search each proudest Price to MS-Excel. Website MS-Excel File 5,555,000 Records
29 XML Conversion from Image files. JPEG File XML Format 15,250 Pages
30 Data Conversion using OCR Software. JPEG File MS-Word File 347,560 Pages
31 Manual Data Entry from Forms to MS Excel format. Hard copy MS-Excel File 1,725,000 Records
32 Convert data into MS Excel from PDF files (The Netherlands) PDF files MS-Excel File 25,025,000 Records
33 Convert data into MS-Word from PDF files PDF files MS-Word File 840,550 Pages
34 Find out email address from web site provided by clients Website MS-Excel File 3,120,324 e-Mails
35 Convert data into MS-Excel from PDF files (Spain) PDF files MS-Excel File 1,100,025 Records
36 Convert data into MS-Excel from Web Site (U.K.) Website MS-Excel File 6,750,000 Records
37 Micro film Scanning. Hard Copy PDF Format 12,580,000 Frames
38 Convert data into MS-Word from Printed Paper Hard Copy MS-Word File 1,200,000 Pages
39 A4 Size Image Scanning at 300dpi. Hard Copy JPEG File 10,055 Pages
40 Highly Confidential Legal Size Scanning at 100dpi, at Customers Location. Hard Copy PDF File 1,282,450 Pages
41 Convert data into MS-Excel from web site Website MS-Excel File 1,250,000 Records
42 A4 Size Book Scanning and OCR Cleaning at 100dpi for Clients Web Site. Hard Copy PDF File 141,150 Pages
43 Data Conversion using OCR Software from PDF file PDF files TXT File 2,650,600 Pages
44 XML Conversion from Hard Copy. Hard Copy XML File 3,145,425 Pages
45 Books like Stories, Novels, Features Scanned in 150Dpi for XML Conversion. Books JPEG/PDF File 4,185,140 Pages
46 Entering News into clients application from web sites. Daily Updates, with 100% accuracy. Website Website 3,000,000 Records
47 Data Capturing from the website mentioned by the Client to Clients Web site. Web site Website 2,055,000 Records
48 OCR Conversion from TIFF Files. Tiff Images PDF Searchable File 4,765,390 Pages

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