Our History

We are Murthy Rao M. and Suresh Rao, and we have been blessed with success.

The “M” in our names comes from our father’s name, Mani. We give much credit to our father and mother for instilling in us a sense of duty. They also taught us the importance of taking risks to achieve our goals.

Our Journey

As a young man, our father started a petty shop in Thanjavur, a small city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. 

When we were small, he risked everything to give us better opportunities by moving the family to the city of Coimbatore.

We grew up in Coimbatore, nicknamed the “Manchester of South India” because of its large textile industry. 

There were many challenges and disappointments, but – thanks to our parents – we were able to dream big and succeed.

The Birth of the Company

We were both able to complete university degrees in the computer sciences, and – in 2008 – we set up a small computer center called LOGIN SERVICES™. 

It wasn’t long before we expanded our services to meet the growing demand for full-service business process outsourcing.

The Journey is Not Finished

Today, we have grown into a large, top-ranked outsourcing firm with over 2,000+ happy customers worldwide. Our clients are primarily Enterprise and Fortune 500 companies in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

 We do not rest on our success – it is hard work ensuring that our clients are thrilled with their partnership with LOGIN SERVICES™.