What Our Clients Say

Outsourcing and customers are the perfect pairing: Outsourcing makes our clients happy because it makes their customers are happy!

We frequently ask our clients for honest feedback – what they like and don’t like about various services and processes.

When an addition or improvement is indicated, we jump on it!



Share Their Experience With Outsourcing & Customers

“Login Services team is very proficient and provides excellent service to our company. They have been a wonderful asset to our team.”

Beth Day – Human Resources Administrator / Accountant

“Login Services is our regular go-to agency for all things related to data entry and quality. They have done many jobs for us and are incredibly fast with turnaround and with very high quality. We went through a very quick explanation and training; we did one round of quality assurance with suggestions, and then they have executed extremely fast and with excellent results. We are already lining up the next contract for Login Services! Their team communication skills are excellent, and they are always patient and helpful if we need to work through any complexity, be it with the Freelance platform or the job itself. Login Services is a great business partner.”

Dale Nordenberg, MD – CEO, Thriive.ai

Login Services provides high-quality work and remains a go-to partner for the client. Their communication skills are strong and they hit budgets and deadlines. Along with excelling in communication, they also excel in execution.

Tod McDonald – CPA & Founder

“Login services provides lead contact discovery at scale. They are professional, fast, and have become a key partner in our solution delivery. I would highly recommend”

Ian Brodie – CEO

Delivered services as expected and on-time. Good quality of work and would work with again. Thanks!

Nick Loui – Founder/CEO

“The Login Services team has expanded their skillset in their time they’ve been working with my myself and my team. They are fast and accurate in their work and haven’t turned down a project that I have offered to them. They’ve been great and we are going to continue to utilize them as a top notch Consultant!”

Eric Timbro – Information Management Team Lead