Why is Indian Outsourcing so Popular?

The short answer: High-quality, turnkey Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies located in India are uniquely positioned to understand and take responsibility for your administration and information technology activities – for a much lower cost than maintaining an in-house workforce.

Most organizations find huge benefits in outsourcing their repetitive administrative work so their in-house teams can focus on new initiatives and innovations.

India has long been in the top spot for offshore BPO for the global market, with the majority of customers located in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The key to success is choosing a top BPO company in India that maintains high standards and is a good fit for your company.

The potential cost savings can be jaw-dropping – but read on to find out why we placed cost-cutting at the bottom of our list of things that make India a great source for scalable labor and technical expertise.

The Advantages of Indian Outsourcing

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic brought job outsourcing to the forefront. Companies scrambled for workers and many organizations survived by using offshore labor. But why India, specifically?

#1: High Standards for Quality & Security

The government of India holds BPO companies to high legal and ethical standards, although some regulations have eased slightly to accommodate work-from-home employees.

The law does not eliminate bad actors from the BPO sector entirely, but it does create fierce competition for BPOs that seek top ranking.

By carefully evaluating BPOs in India, you can find an outsourcing company to meet your needs that will treat your customers and processes as if they were their own.

This is the level of consistent, high-quality service you should expect and demand.

#2: Superior Infrastructure

Don’t be fooled by India’s designation as a “developing nation”; the nation follows high technological standards to help provide increased data security, excellent connectivity, and uninterrupted communication capabilities.

Going further, the Indian government is committed to maintaining the state-of-the-art electronic infrastructure that is critical to successful outsourcing vendor operations.

With these support systems in place and India’s strength in developing and customizing complex software, you will find that top BPO firms in India are well-equipped with the latest equipment and software to ensure that your data is handled securely and professionally.

This is how a client on the other side of the world can add BPO employees as part of their team and function as if the offshore workers were located in the client’s office building.

#3: Large Talent Pool

India is second only to China as the most densely populated country in the world, which means there is a lot of competition for jobs.

The top BPO companies in India can be selective and only hire the most highly qualified employees. You can expect to get offshore workers assigned to you that have extensive experience and training to perform their duties.

#4: Highly Qualified, Committed Employees

How do top outsourcing firms attract the best workers? Competitive pay, clear communications, specialized training, and effective management with positive feedback.

Thanks to the strong value system in Indian culture, employees tend to be extraordinarily dedicated to their jobs. Although they generally strike a comfortable work-life balance, they will offer to work around the clock to meet a deadline.

Great BPOs only select workers with strong expertise in the most commonly outsourced processes such as IT, data entry, administrative assistance, HR, and sales support, call centers, and customer service – and many specialty processes like administrative support for paralegals and medical billing.

#5: Strong English Fluency

While English is widely spoken in India, full fluency in English is not as common. So how can top BPOs provide workers who are fully fluent in spoken and written English?

Easy. Top-ranked Indian outsourcing companies are very competitive in the labor market.

In addition to their other strict requirements – top BPOs can demand a high level of English competence from each employee.

#6: Opposite Time Zones Favor the Client

Most clients are several hours different from the time zone in India – GMT+5:30 – which means customers can leverage the time difference when an urgent, late-breaking project comes up.

The client can assign it to their BPO at the end of their workday and find it completed when they wake in the morning.

Likewise, providing 24/7 coverage for a call center or dispatch operation is a snap because your BPO can handle the phones after you have closed your offices for the day.

Would you like BPO coverage around the clock? Outsourcing companies in India run continuous operations, so they can handle your inquiries professionally – at any time of the day or night.

#7: Lower Labor Costs

There is a good reason we placed financial savings at the end of the list of advantages to outsourcing to India.

Although you can often find low-cost labor in many countries, most BPO firms in India offer much higher quality as they compete for the top spot in accuracy, reliability, security, and trust.

As a top-10 provider of BPO services, LOGIN SERVICES™ encourages its clients to look for quality first, and cost-cutting will follow.

The cost of living in India is low, so BPO employees can receive top pay – even when you pay rock-bottom fees.

For example, US workers in many administrative jobs command $40 to $50 per hour while the same work – with the same quality – can be done by an Indian outsourcing company for $15 per hour.

Your BPO firm employs the workers and provides their workspace, equipment, and benefits – not to mention that they take on the headaches of staffing and coverage. You simply pay that low hourly fee.

With such a sweeping shift of P&L and managerial responsibility, organizations have the freedom to successfully implement creative strategic growth plans and increase profits.

The Key to Success With an Indian Outsourcing Firm

Great outsourcing companies offer a custom, turnkey solution for common administrative needs, but it can be hard to know how to find the best BPO company for your organization. We offer a free guide to learn how to evaluate full-service BPOs.

Take time to research and speak with the firms on your shortlist, and carefully study each proposal. You can download our free tool, the Vendor Screening Checklist for BPOs.

At any time you can have a free, informal discussion with a top outsourcing expert in India, like Murthy or Suresh – the founders at LOGIN SERVICES™ for information and advice.