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What is Offshore Virtual Assistance?

Offshore Virtual Assistance is the practice of outsourcing administrative assistant duties to a cheaper labor market, often to temporarily scale the workforce to manage change.

Most companies are dynamic: Activity increases or the workforce decreases, and the change creates a bind. Hiring permanent, in-house workers to fill the demand can leave you overstaffed if the workload dips.

Hiring virtual assistants is a common solution that is growing in popularity. You can temporarily scale your administrative support department as needed.

According to a report by Technavio, the virtual assistant industry is expected to grow at a rate of 11.79% and shows no signs of slowing down.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of virtual assistance and explore the simplicity of engaging this miracle service for your company.

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Offshore Virtual Assistance to Stabilize Your Workforce

Sometimes your workforce vs. workload becomes unbalanced, but you can get along for a few days when an administrative assistant is out sick. 

More often, a sudden need for more executive assistants or a sudden loss of staff – as happened due to the COVID pandemic – threatens to bring your thriving operation to a halt.

An experienced, reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company can take up the slack by sliding their administrative assistants into your operation. This helps you manage change – whether it is sudden or planned.

Expect a top BPO to supply all the assistants you need, even on short notice.

What is Offshore Virtual Assistance?

Offshore Virtual Assistance is the practice of a company outsourcing administrative assistant duties to a cheaper labor market, often to supplement the in-house workforce to manage change.

Profile of a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Offshore assistants are highly trained professionals who support your organization’s leadership. 

The BPO takes care of hiring, training, oversight, staffing, and payroll so you can get the job done more efficiently – for a lower cost than hiring more in-house workers or using a high-priced temporary staffing agency.

Qualifications & Skills

  • Secondary education
  • Some college preferred
  • Experienced with MS Office and/or Google Suite and CRM software
  • Ability to quickly learn new technology
  • English fluency in speaking, reading, and writing
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Good writing ability to draft documents and reply to emails

Services Provided 

A virtual assistant can do almost anything an in-house employee does, like:

  • Data entry and transcription
  • Answer phone calls and email
  • Calendar management and travel scheduling
  • Draft correspondence, create reports, and handle document control
  • Market research and sales lead generation
  • Online/social media management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Customer service and satisfaction surveys
  • Human resources coordination

For an interactive look at what a virtual assistant can do for you, click here.

Responsibilities of the Offshore Outsourcing Expert Managing Your Virtual Assistance

The duties of your assigned project manager vary depending on the services provided by your contract, but generally include:

  • Frequent check-ins with you 
  • Rapid optimization of your project as needed
  • Personnel management/staffing
  • Maintain the workplace for efficiency
  • Monitor and improve productivity as needed
  • Data validation and accuracy verification
  • Data analysis and timely reporting

The Benefits of Offshore Virtual Assistance

There are many reasons why businesses should outsource their administrative tasks. 

A virtual administrative assistant can work from the other side of the world to support a busy executive but function as though they were located in the outer office.

Virtual Assistants Streamline Your Workforce

All businesses aim to provide the best possible customer-facing communications, but it can slow down your staff during periods of peak workload. 

Instead of allowing your customer service levels to drop, why not add a virtual assistant or two to help reduce the workload to a practical level.

Top BPOs in India employ virtual assistants that are fluent in English and well-trained in customer service – as well as other tasks to support an office, department, or executive.

It is not our goal as a BPO firm to replace all of your administrative assistants – unless that is your goal; we simply offer scalability by providing personnel on a flexible basis so you can keep your operation optimized.

Offshore Virtual Assistance Helps Control Costs

With the evolution of BPO, companies large and small have found outsourcing to be a financially profitable endeavor. The savings your company experiences depends on the scope of your outsourcing initiatives.

By engaging a third party to provide workers, you will reduce your expenses for:

  • Workplace infrastructure such as office space, maintenance, utilities, furniture, security, and parking
  • Regular replacement or upgrade for phones, computers, and other essentials
  • Employment costs – high salaries, employee benefits, and employer taxes
  • Managing employee schedules and productivity

When you shift the responsibility – and costs – of managing workers to an offshore BPO, you pay a predictable and affordable fee that is less than the cost of direct employment. 

More Manpower Makes the Workload Manageable

Most organizations could use the extra help with repetitive administrative tasks so their in-house employees can focus on what they do best. 

If the company is fully staffed and a new process comes along, remote virtual assistants can keep things on track while your experienced workers learn and implement the new strategy.

Better staffing means more work is accomplished in less time. 

Flexible Administrative Staffing Encourages Innovation

Strategic planning and growth management are easier when you have a flexible workforce. 

You can start a campaign for growth, knowing you will be able to handle the influx of work until you can judge the campaign’s success and adjust your long-term strategy.

Flexibility gives you the freedom to try new things. This scalability can give your company’s leadership total control over change in a way that is not possible with a traditional team.

A Large Talent Pool Can Strengthen Your Operation

By using offshore virtual assistance, you have the best of both worlds. You can attract the top talent in your area for in-house employment, and access the top talent in India provided by your BPO.

Augmenting your talent pool with virtual administrative assistance means you can depend on your BPO to bring employees to your company who may have strengths that offset weaknesses in your in-house team. 

For example, if your experienced, dependable assistant is not tech-savvy, your virtual assistant – immersed in the use of digital devices and software – is ready to step in without the learning curve traditional employees experience.

Offshore Administrative Support is Available 24/7

Good BPOs operate around the clock to support organizations in all time zones. 

Rather than being available to your customers during working hours, boost your customer satisfaction with the continuous service offshore virtual assistants can provide.

You may have considered hiring evening and night workers internally, but decided the responsibility of managing multiple shifts was too much to think about. 

Count on your BPO to do all the management while you sleep peacefully at night.

Hiring a BPO for Offshore Virtual Assistance

If you need more hands on deck to tackle administrative services, try adding a virtual executive assistant. 

Top BPO firms offer short-term, flexible contracts so you can try remote support on a small scale without incurring huge expenses.

Once you have a BPO in place to supply virtual administrative assistants your organization will be more scalable – putting you in control of future growth.

This newfound freedom to grow the business and increase revenue is priceless.

Speak With an Expert About Outsourcing Administrative Assistance Offshore

What matters most is the quality of the BPO that provides the assistant and supports their services – not their location. Before you choose a BPO, find out who they serve and what their customers say.

Do you have questions? With over 15 years of full-service outsourcing experience, our founders are happy to answer them.

Murthy and Suresh can show you the value and opportunity that come with offshore virtual assistance, and they would be happy to brainstorm with you about your current needs and future plans.

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