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Professional Data Entry Outsourcing Services

What is Professional Data Entry Outsourcing?

Professional data entry outsourcing is defined as hiring a third-party company to enter data, verify the accuracy of the entries, and validate the data entered into your database.

Your data is only as good as the accuracy of the information it contains. There is a difference between employees typing information into your computer as they work, and professional data entry outsourcing services. Especially when it comes to bookkeeping.

Professional data entry outsourcing includes keyboarding or data transfer, but it also includes a strict verification and validation process to prove that it is reliable.

Read on to understand outsourcing works and get an idea of the benefits – like reducing your costs.

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Data Entry Basics

Data entry simply refers to the process of typing or scanning information into a database. 

It can be as complex as converting your paper sales commission logs for the last 25 years into digital form, or as simple as entering a sale by selecting a product from the menu and recording the customer’s payment.

Typical Data Entry Performed In-House

Some aspects of data entry need to be completed by your in-house team. These include:

  • New customer demographic and other account information
  • Results of physical hand-counts of inventory in stock
  • Identification of a product or service at the time it is sold 
  • New product information to add to your catalog
  • Breakdown of the amounts charged and received at the time of sale
  • Customer service notations about a client’s account
  • Internal messages between co-workers
  • Details of new meetings scheduled
  • Business correspondence and emails

Data Entry - Not as Simple as You Might Think

Essentially, anyone who can read and scan or type information into a computer can perform data entry.

But keyboarding large amounts of data may overwhelm your staff, whether it is a large, one-time project or a thick stack of invoices to be keyed into the computer at the end of each day.

 if your team is not specially trained to follow a strict protocol of organizing and verifying the data they enter, it may be difficult to trust the output. That goes double if workers are asked to tackle a big data entry project in addition to their regular duties.

When to Engage Professional Data Entry Outsourcing

The difference between data entry done by “anyone” and information handled by professional data entry clerks is the quality of the final result. 

To reduce or eliminate typos, adding information to the wrong account, and other threats to the reliability of your business data, it must be verified and audited according to accepted industry standards.

Benefits of Professional Data Entry Outsourcing

Outsourcing specialists can take on your large, one-off projects or daily tasks like entering receipts from several time zones away – while you sleep!

Here are some of the benefits of professional data entry outsourcing:

  • Your data will be more accurate
  • Your labor costs will likely be reduced
  • The BPO company hires, trains, and manages the workers, freeing you for more important things
  • Your in-house workers can focus on business growth – not on typing

Typical Professional Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Top BPO companies supply workers who are fluent in spoken and written English. They are also carefully selected for their education and experience, and then they receive more training about your unique company and project.

Profile of an Outsourcing Data Entry Professional

Qualifications & Skills

  • Secondary education
  • Some college preferred
  • Experienced with MS Office and/or Google Suite and CRM software
  • Ability to quickly learn new technology
  • English fluency in speaking, reading, and writing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Solid experience in data verification and validation

Services Provided 

A data entry professional can do almost anything an in-house employee does, like:

  • Transfer data from hard copy to a digital database
    Input text-based and numerical information from source documents
  • Update customer information in a database
    Organize existing data in a spreadsheet
    Verify outdated data and make any necessary changes to records
    Search for and investigate information contained in files
    Perform regular database backups to secure data
    Provide other administrative support as needed
    Carry out stringent quality control activities in concert with the BPO Project Manager
  • For an interactive look at what a data entry outsourcing professional can do for you, click here.

Responsibilities of the BPO Project Manager

The duties of your assigned project manager vary depending on the services provided in your contract, but generally include:

  • Frequent check-ins with you 
  • Rapid optimization of your project as needed
  • Personnel management/staffing
  • Maintain the workplace for efficiency
  • Monitor and improve productivity as needed
  • Data validation and accuracy verification
  • Data analysis and timely reporting

Hiring a BPO for Professional Data Entry Outsourcing

If you need more hands on deck to tackle administrative services, try adding a virtual executive assistant. 

Top BPO firms offer short-term, flexible contracts so you can try remote support on a small scale without incurring huge expenses.

As we mentioned, the BPO takes care of hiring, training, overseeing, staffing, paying, and providing workspace and equipment for the data entry professionals who handle your work.

You can get the job done more efficiently, and usually for a lower cost than hiring more in-house workers or using a high-priced temporary staffing agency.

Companies who outsource to India try outsourcing to save money, but they stay with outsourcing because of the quality provided by top BPOs.

Speak With a Data Entry Expert

The quality of data entered depends on the quality of the BPO that provides the outsourcing service.

Before you choose a BPO, find out who they serve and what their customers say.

Do you have questions? With over 15 years of full-service outsourcing experience, our founders are happy to answer them.

Murthy and Suresh can show you the value and opportunity that come with data entry outsourcing, and they would be happy to brainstorm with you about your current needs and future plans.

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