Targeted Lead Generation Outsourcing to Empower Your Salesforce

What is Targeted Lead Generation?

Targeted lead generation is the process of compiling a list of potential customers based on a very specific set of characteristics.

For example, a furniture store may target homebuyers who purchased their homes within the last month, because these consumers are likely to need more or different items to furnish their new homes.

If you have a large sales force, you know that the time your salespeople spend on targeted lead generation is time that should be spent selling.

Salespeople are experts at sales – not data mining and database management.

Staying ahead of your sales force means continuous lead generation – for a continuous supply of reliable, targeted, fresh prospects for them to contact.

The solution: Turn over your lead generation to a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm with expertise in data mining, database management, and generating reliable, high-quality leads.

Here is a 5-minute read that weighs the pros and cons and discusses what to expect when you outsource your sales lead generation to the experts.

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Targeted Lead Generation - Offshore Outsourcing vs. In-House

Why hire a BPO to do your targeted lead generation, when you have employees already on the payroll who could do the work?

A top-ranked, offshore BPO offers the following advantages:

  • They have a team of professionals who do lead generation on a daily basis
  • These members of staff are highly qualified and experienced
  • By using workers in a cheaper labor market, you can reduce your costs
  • Given clear information about your company, the results may amaze you
  • Outsourced lead gen is gleaned from reliable sources
  • The data goes through quality control checks to validate and verify accuracy
  • It is delivered in your preferred format – ready to use!
For comparison, the following sections describe the most common challenges of conducting lead generation with your in-house staff.

Valuable In-House Staff May be Under-Utilized

Outsourcing is not always about replacing your workforce. In fact, it is commonly used to handle routine, repetitive tasks so your inhouse team can focus on greater things – like growing the company.

Given the decision between performing lead generation or moving your lead gen worker to help answer the customer support line in a crisis, 99% of managers will prioritize customer support. 

Or, if you have a marketing employee who does several things including lead generation, outsourcing provides the opportunity to focus them on advertising, event planning, and promotions. 

These are things a valuable in-house worker can do because they know you, your organization, and your customers.

So – let an IT expert feed your sales staff with leads!

In-House Targeted Lead Generation May be a Headache

When you outsource your lead generation, it is not like hiring a temp or a local contractor.

Outsourcing means that the BPO provides the agreed deliverables with their offshore staff. Here are the things you don’t need to worry about when you outsource:

  • Scrambling to keep up staffing levels in the face of vacation time, medical leave, inclement weather, or other emergency
  • Paying salary and benefits
  • Providing workspace and parking
  • Issuing and maintaining office equipment and supplies
  • Most importantly – managerial time to supervise the in-house employee(s)
  • Supervision may be even more challenging when workers work remotely some or all of the time

When you outsource, your only responsibility is to pay the BPO a predictable fixed or hourly rate. They will do the rest!

Time Delays with In-House Lead Generation

Unfortunately, many organizations conduct lead generation “as time permits”. If there is a staffing shortage or organization-wide initiative, targeted lead generation takes a back seat.

To be sure you keep your salesforce busy growing your business, an outside BPO firm must commit to delivering your results on-time, no matter what.

Another advantage of offshoring your lead gen is that the BPO can probably produce and deliver your leads while you sleep. 

When your salespeople arrive in the morning, they will find a fresh batch of people they can reach out to – as soon as they have a coffee on the desk!

The Cost of In-House Lead Generation

Labor costs are steadily rising and the worker shortage continues to plague many industrialized nations – which can lead to higher costs to staff up using expensive temporary workers.

A high-quality, full-service BPO may become your go-to for more than just lead generation; they can also provide administrative assistancebookkeeping/data entry, IT management, and other administrative support services to augment your available workforce – temporarily or on an ongoing basis.

How Targeted Lead Generation Outsourcing Works

If you hire a top BPO firm, their lead-generation specialists should be fluent in written and spoken English, and they understand the sales lead challenges for clients from Canada to the U.K., Australia, and the U.S. 

They have expertise in generating targeted leads for you, and they also receive orientation and training about your unique requirements and company characteristics.

Profile of a Targeted Lead Generation Outsourcing Professional

Qualifications & Skills

  • Secondary education
  • College degree preferred
  • English fluency in speaking, reading, and writing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experienced data analyst & database administrator
  • QC skills – data verification and validation
  • Mastery of lead database research
  • Proficiency with CRM software
    Understanding of sales processes

Services Provided 

A lead generation expert typically:

  • Uses a reputable lead database such as LinkedIn Navigator or Apollo
  • Uses the customer relations management (CRM) software of your choice
  • Searches for leads according to your specifications and knowledge of your company
  • Collects and processes the leads so they may be added to your CRM
  • Analyzes the data collected for completion and validation/verification
  • Transfers the data to your CRM or provides a file you can import to your CRM
  • Performs regular database backups to secure your data
  • May also conduct market and/or opposition research
  • Provides other administrative support as needed

For a full, interactive look at what a BPO lead generation specialist can do for you, click here.

Role of the BPO's Project Manager

The duties of your assigned project manager vary depending on your custom solution and contracted deliverables, but generally include:

  • Frequent check-ins with you 
  • Rapid optimization of your project as needed
  • Staffing your project to meet deadlines
  • Personnel management/payroll
  • Workplace rent, utilities, and maintenance
  • Monitor and improve productivity as needed
  • Data validation and accuracy verification
  • Data analysis and timely reporting

Hiring a BPO for Targeted Lead Generation

Save the talents of your in-house team for what they do best – and give the lead generation research to us.

Top BPO firms like LOGIN SERVICES™ will provide all the targeted sales leads your team can handle according to your timeline and specifications. With the offer of flexible contracts, you can start with a short-term agreement to try us out.

The BPO does the hiring, training, overseeing, staffing, paying, and providing workspace and equipment for the sales lead specialists who handle your work.

We can provide reliable service for a lower cost than using your in-house staff, in most cases. You may try outsourcing to India to save money, but you will continue to outsource because of the quality work provided.

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