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Legal Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

What is Legal Virtual Assistant Outsourcing?

A legal virtual assistant is an administrative expert with legal experience who provides support for paralegals and attorneys including correspondence, file management, document drafting, bookkeeping, and basic online  research.

Are your paralegals overburdened? Do you have a solo practice that needs support – but not at the full cost of an in-house paralegal? Legal virtual assistant outsourcing may be just what you need!

Paralegals are qualified professionals that add value to your law firm – as long as they are doing high-level paralegal tasks and not basic research, correspondence, and other administrative duties.

If you are a solo practitioner, hiring a paralegal may be overkill if the support you need is mostly administrative.

Legal virtual assistants can keep you, your paralegals, and your partners and associated attorneys focused on what you do best – delivering results and keeping clients happy.

Read on to learn how you can increase your billables while decreasing your costs.

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Legal Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Basics

Legal virtual assistants have the skills and experience to support a busy paralegal or law firm back office.

Your Business Process Outsourcing Provider (BPO) handles hiring, training, supervision, staffing, HR, and payroll for the assistants you need. If you use an offshore BPO, you simply pay an hourly rate for the hours worked by your dedicated virtual assistant(s). Your total costs are usually much lower than the expense of hiring more in-house workers or using an expensive temporary staffing agency.

Legal Virtual Assistant Profile

Qualifications & Skills

  • Administrative support experience in a legal setting
  • Secondary education
  • Some college preferred
  • English fluency in speaking, reading, and writing
  • Effective research skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Bookkeeping skills
  • Knowledge and experience maintaining confidentiality
  • Software expertise:
    • MS Office and/or Google Suite
    • Document management 
    • CRM & financial
    • Ability to quickly learn new technology & software

Services Provided 

A legal virtual assistant can support your legal firm in areas such as:

  • Drafting correspondence
  • Drafting legal documents using templates
  • Document control
  • Data entry and transcription
  • Calendar management
  • Updating spreadsheets and databases
  • Creating reports
  • Human resources tasks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll 

For an interactive look at what a legal virtual assistant can do for you, click here.

BPO Project Manager Profile

The duties of your assigned project manager vary depending on the services provided by your contract, but generally include:

  • Checking in with you frequently
  • Quick project optimization as needed
  • Personnel management/staffing for your legal virtual assistants
  • Maintaining workplace efficiency
  • Monitoring and improving productivity as needed
  • Data validation and accuracy verification
  • Data analysis and timely reporting

The Benefits of Legal Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

There are many reasons why businesses should outsource their administrative support tasks. 

Your offshore legal virtual assistants can work from the other side of the world to support attorneys and paralegals; yet they can function as though they were located in your offices.

More Administrative Manpower to Streamline Your Workforce

Your in-house staff have organizational knowledge and insights you can use to improve team cohesion, engagement, and productivity. They can also bring a lot of ideas to the table for innovation and growth within the firm.

This creativity and engagement may be stifled by an overwhelming workload of routine, administrative tasks. Outsourcing those tasks frees your in-house team so you can keep your organization optimized. 

Offshore Legal Virtual Assistance to Control Costs

By outsourcing the work that does not require the expertise of licensed attorneys and certified paralegals, you can save your high-value human resources for practicing the law. 

By outsourcing to India, you typically have access to a larger pool of qualified workers – in a less expensive labor market.

Flexible Administrative Staffing to Manage Growth

Legal virtual assistants can be arranged through an offshore BPO on your terms. You may only need temporary coverage for an extended leave of absence, or you may want to hire a full-time virtual assistant on a long-term basis.

Experiencing growth? Try outsourcing your administrative support tasks to pick up the slack, until you decide to hire an additional member of your in-house team.

With outsourcing, you can expand, reduce, or cancel services without the HR repercussions of reducing your in-house staff.

BPO Services Reduce Management Time to Increase Billable Hours

When you hand your administrative tasks to an outsourcing firm, you hand over the headaches of staffing/coverage, hiring/firing, training/equipping, and disciplining/rewarding the workers. 

Your BPO firm handles all of that. Short-notice staff callout? That is the BPO’s problem, not yours; they must scramble to cover your services, while you relax and attend to more important matters.

Selecting a BPO for Legal Virtual Assistance

As you approach BPOs to discuss their services, be as clear as possible about the duties to be performed, the hours per week, and other details of your staffing needs.

When you receive proposals for outsourcing services, do not narrow down your short-list based on price. Look for the firm that has flexible contracts, a solid track-record of trust and reliability, and the full range of services you may need. 

Top BPO Firms like Login Services offer short-term, flexible contracts so you can try legal virtual assistance on a small scale without an expensive, long-term commitment.

Offshore Legal Virtual Assistance Available 24/7

For most time zones, outsourcing to India means your work can be completed while you sleep. New cases arising at the end of your business day? Your virtual assistant can lay the groundwork overnight so you can hit the ground running in the morning.

Speak With an Outsourcing Expert

The success of your outsourcing initiatives rests on the quality of the BPO you hire. Before you choose a BPO, find out who they serve and what their customers say.

Explore our Free Downloadable Handbooks & Templates for a detailed walk-through of how to select a business process outsourcing provider.

With over 15 years of full-service outsourcing experience, Murthy and Suresh – our founders – are happy to answer your questions and explain the process.

Murthy and Suresh can show you the value and opportunity for your law firm that come with experienced offshore virtual assistance, and brainstorm with you about your current needs and future plans.

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