Suresh Rao, Co-Founder & Partner

About Suresh

Suresh Rao, Senior Outsourcing Consultant

Suresh became passionate about computer technology as a child, and – as a young man – began working with his brother, Murthy, at Login Services.

He has been an integral part of building Login Services’ reputation for quick turnaround times and stringent quality control/validation.

While earning a BS degree in computer science and an MS degree in information technology at Sri Ramalinga Sowdambigai College of Science & Commerce, Suresh started his own IT outsourcing company, Rainbow Softech.

As CEO of Rainbow Softech and with Murthy’s partnership, Suresh has successfully taken on big clients with big IT needs.

His company has been recognized as a top business outsourcing (BPO) provider for information technology and general administrative services.

Hear From Suresh

My wife and I live in Coimbatore, India, with our beautiful baby boy. I have two siblings: My sister, Kalpana, and my brother – and business partner – Murthy.

When I am not working I enjoy playing with my son and watching him learn and grow.

We practice yoga, like to picnic outdoors, as well as visiting family and friends. When I can, I play cricket and carom.

As a foodie, I love cooking and creating new dishes – while listening to Kollywood and Bollywood music by A.R. Rahman, Harris, SPB, and others.

I am a spiritual person and I enjoy visiting temples. While at university, I was a volunteer in the NSS (National Service Scheme, sponsored by the Indian government), and I continue to give back to society by helping the homeless.

Meet Suresh's Partner, Murthy

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Murthy began providing computer repair in the early 2000s while in college and eventually opened a small shop.

Not only did he serve local computer owners but he also took on outsourcing projects like data entry, data analytics, and electronic document management.

Murthy leveraged the internet to remotely provide outsourcing to companies around the globe - growing his business into the full-service, virtual business process outsourcing (BPO) company it is today.