Outsourcing Implementation Strategies

Implementation planning is the key – so challenge us to provide a smooth transition for your organization!

As an experienced BPO, LOGIN SERVICES™ has a proven track record in conversions that are fully tested to your standards before go-live.

Preparing to turn processes over to us may mean big changes for your organization, but not big headaches.

Remote outsourcing companies for custom implementation plan

Our goal is your goal: A smooth transition so your customers are unaware of the change.

Because we build a customized plan for each client, we do not have a standard menu for you to choose from. Ask for a quote today – customized to your operational needs.


Remote outsourcing companies for custom implementation plan

Your outsourcing solution is implemented from start to finish by your dedicated, experienced project manager!

  • Assistance with Business Analysis
  • Fully Customized Contracts
  • Short-Term Agreements Available
  • Detailed Activity Reporting

Project Management,
Timeline, & Task Coordination

Your dedicated project manager takes the lead in getting your project completed accurately and on time through:

  • Frequent check-ins with you
  • Transparent communication with all stakeholders
  • Rapid optimization of your project as needed
  • Handling all personnel management and staffing issues
  • Maintaining a safe and efficient workplace for the workers assigned to your project
    Monitoring and improving productivity
  • Constant assessment of deadlines and optimizing the process
  • Data validation and accuracy verification
  • Data analysis and timely reporting

Quality Control
Monitoring & Testing

Your project manager is experienced in getting the work done on time; more importantly, they are expert in quality and accuracy verification

  • Top Priority: Data Protection
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices
  • Database Audits
  • Live Testing
  • Go-Live 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Updates as Needed

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Your Project

You provide the project, we provide the staff and everything they need to succeed

  • We keep your project staffed, even on short notice
  • No headaches on your end about absences due to vacation or illness
  • Interview the workers we have identified for your team, and make the final decisions
  • We do all of the hiring and termination

Custom Orientation for
Your Assigned Team

Only the best candidates are hired to join our staff, and they are thoroughly trained and fully oriented to your project:

  • Orientation at the time of hire includes job skills and our values and code of ethics
  • Briefing about your organization and project when a worker is assigned to your project
  • Training on specific tools you require them to use, such as software or communications apps
  • Detailed processes to be followed that are unique to your company

Implementation Expertise

Process Consulting & Decision Support

Project Mgnt & Task Coordination

Timeline Management

Data Transition Success

Staffing Your Project

Custom Training for Your Team

Employee Onboarding

Hiring & Termination


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